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Workout Routine

Length 38:00
Strength workout - 3 rounds

Squats, overhead press, (combined) Squats and overhead press, curtsey lunges, lateral raise (combined) curtsey lunges and lateral raises, alternating forward lunges, bicep curls, (combined) alternating forward lunges and bicep curls, lateral lunges, upright rows (combined) lateral lunges and upright rows, wide squats, straight arm pull backs, (combined) wide squats and straight arm pull backs.

Workout Routine
High Intensity Interval Training

Length 30:23

Full body HIIT workouts with no repeats

Reverse lunge with Jack arms, alternating high knee pull, double pulse squat with kick, pulsing push-ups, knee raise planks with kick, reverse lunge with kick (RL), prisoner squat with knee crunch, 2 squats with lateral tap, bear plank alternating leg lift, plank with side taps, squat to star jack, squat with RL punch, (RL) lateral lunge with arm raise, crab toe touch, shoulder push-up, curtsy lunge with open close arms, leg kicks with rope pull arms (RL), sumo squat with arm to ceiling, (RL) chops, plank

Workout Routine
High Intensity Interval Training
No Weights

Length  30:47

No repeat workout

Shuffle/shuffle/Jack, High knee punch, Froggers, 2 jabs/1Jack, Squat elbow to opp knee

 Reverse lunge circles, Sumo front raise, Alt R/L – floor toceiling, Curtsy bent arm lat raise, Sumo – single/single/double curls

4 seal jacks/4 predator jacks, Moguls, Booty kicks, Powerups, Lunge/push

 Row to standing curl, Deadlift to 1 forward lunge, Frontsquat pulse, R – lawnmower pull, L – lawnmower pull 

High knee pulldown, Narrow/middle/wide squats, Jacks, Sidelunge/Total Body/Side lunge, Rebounders

 Plank hold – 1 min

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